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Thread: From the Moroccan Pavilion, Epcot

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    From the Moroccan Pavilion, Epcot

    The Sony RX-1 worked great and was a pleasure to use. Found using it more and more, great handling, zero noise since the shutter is on the lens and great image quality.From the Moroccan Pavilion, Epcot

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    Re: From the Moroccan Pavilion, Epcot

    Hi Alfred,

    There seems to be a bit of a blown out area in the lower part of the robe.

    I had no idea what this image was all about until I read a bit about the RX1 (RX1 - is that not supposed to be a Mazda?)
    Maybe Sony is trying to give Leica a go with this baby.
    I would have liked you to focus on the chaos on the desk instead of the robe.
    The dynamic range is great.

    At that price - ?????

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