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Thread: Bulk Poster Printing

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    Bulk Poster Printing

    I've recently been asked to do the portrait for a girl lacrosse team that goes on their annual posters. They will need 200 posters printed, at 18"x24". I usually print through MPix, but I'm wondering who the best company would be for quality, as well as price. I'm located in the United States if that matters.


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    Re: Bulk Poster Printing

    Hi Josh. I'm not sure what quality of print job you're looking for, but my wife's roller derby league prints off posters for every event they do. Once the poster is created, they do one of two things. Either send it to a Staples / Business Depot (not sure what you call them in the US), OR, and more frequently, take them to the local print shop, which just so happens to be the place I get my business cards printed.

    Both do a great job, and it's not like you need the prints to be framing quality, or on archiving paper.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Bulk Poster Printing

    Some of the modern photocopiers do a remarkable job if you use better quality papers. Paying for a better quality papaer can be a lot cheaper than going to a more expensive printing method.

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