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Thread: palm tree sillhouettes

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    palm tree sillhouettes

    palm tree sillhouettes

    hi all,

    I got dusky light with palm trees,but i think the palm tree on the extreme left not clear that much..

    what you feel about ?
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    Re: palm tree sillhouettes


    Wonderful colour in the image. But I do think it needs to be rotated counter-clockwise to straighten it up. The row trees slopes down from left to right and the pole carrying the wires is leaning to the right.

    Another thing to consider is the challenge with all such high contrast images. If you look up each side of that pole carrying the wires, you will see very distinct light areas. This halo effect can be difficult to manage. There are a number of ways of dealing with this chromatic aberration, depending on what software package(s) you have for post-processing. The first thing to do is perhaps to a search to read about chromatic aberration - what it is. A good starting point are tutorials on CiC here and here.

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    Re: palm tree sillhouettes

    Hi Drishya,

    Donald must have a very good eye - I had to zoom in to 400% before I could see the chromatic abberation.

    If it is possible to find a scene like this without any man made object in the image it will be stunning.
    You could also use the man made objects, like the telephone lines, to lead the attention of the viewer towards your main subject.
    Trying to straighten an image taken at 18mm you need to look at any object in the centre of the image that should be straight, or you need to straighten the horizon. Just remember at 18mm you will get distorted ends, left and right.

    The colour in this image is beautiful. The tree on the left does not matter if it is clear or not. The eye of the viewer is led from the left of the image to the right. If the palm trees form a long lane along the road you could use a different angle and use the trees and telephone lines to lead the attention of the viewer to the setting sun.

    Give us some more of these shots, I love the setting sun.

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    Re: palm tree sillhouettes

    Yes, straighten the telephone pole.

    I would remove those distant lights from the base of the left palm which I find to be a distraction.

    After that, I think the merge from very dark on the left to a brighter right side will work well.

    Maybe, I would remove the street light on the extreme right. But it doesn't bother me too much.

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