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Thread: Windfarms (again!) - C&C invited

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    Windfarms (again!) - C&C invited

    We've visited our local windfarm a couple of times in search of images. As has, I think, been noted on here before, they are tricky beasts to get right. Close up? Long shot in the landscape? Individually or collectively?

    Anyway, here are a couple I took a few weeks ago; both were taken on an EOS 450D with a 17-85mm lens.

    I converted the RAW image to B&W, as I felt that the stark outlines of the turbines looked better that way (but the crop is a bit tight at the top):

    1/125s f8 ISO 100 -0.3EV, Circular Polariser

    The second shot tried to introduce some motion. Again, a B&W conversion from RAW, but this time with the colour version for comparison:

    1/8s f29 ISO 100 -0.3EV, Circular Polariser


    Suggestions for improvement?

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    Re: Windfarms (again!) - C&C invited

    I like the B&W best. They do move faster than they seem. Nicely done.

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