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Thread: Live view via Macbook Air Canon 30D

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    Live view via Macbook Air Canon 30D

    Hello there CIB

    I have a question regarding live view on a Canon 30D: in short; is it possible to get a live view if hooked up to my Macbook Air "as the 30D does not have a LV LCD screen" via USB and a free software download, thus using the mac screen as the live view finder

    I have just purchased a Celestron telescope and myself and my 6 year old son are going to attempt a bit of Astrophotography, we have purchased all the adaptors etc and have the camera attached to the telescope but are finding it really difficult to focus on anything...

    Any advice would be greatly welcome, 6 year old can be very impatient

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    Re: Live view via Macbook Air Canon 30D

    I don't know about using the 30D for live view on a Mac because the 50D was the first of that series of Canon DSLR cameras to incorporate live view.

    However, you can rig up a 30D for tethered shooting using a USB cable and the Canon disk that came with your camera. At least with tethered shooting, you can get a large scale view of what you have shot!

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