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Thread: Good Morning

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    Good Morning

    For your Judgement

    Good Morning


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    Re: Good Morning

    Hi Nandakumar,

    This is quite a nice composition, but if you look at the red channel on a histogram, you'll see evidence of significant overload of that channel, which will have lost you texture in the brighter petals, the blue shows slight clipping also.

    In summary; it is over exposed, but don't worry, we all do it (or did it) because that so very easy to do with sunlit (or flash lit) blooms of saturated colours.

    I still do it, the only safe way is to chimp the colour histogram after a shot and increase negative EC (or reduce exposure if on manual) until the histogram doesn't show any humps towards the right on any of the R, G ad B channels. Don't be surprised at needing 2 or 2.5 stops of -EC to avoid the problem. You mayneed to raise the mid-tones in PP, but at least you won't loose texture in the bright parts.

    You cannot rely on blinkies to warn you of over exposure when shooting saturated colour subjects - like this.


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