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Thread: Friendly neighbor..

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    Friendly neighbor..

    Below photos is my neighbor's female cat who is staying below my unit. When I seen her in the main lobby I quickly make my way back to my flat on level 6 to heat up some milk for her. She adorable but fears when other cats entering her territory. She is friendly to all. She always sitting in the main lobby every morning with two front legs folded. She responded me when I say 'meows' to her. I am pleased to share her photos with all. Your c & c is appreciated.

    Friendly neighbor..
    Pic #01

    Friendly neighbor..
    Pic #02

    Friendly neighbor..
    Pic #03


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    Re: Friendly neighbor..

    I love pic#3, with the reflection of a window in the eye, and excellent point of focus on the cornea.

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