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Thread: A bird

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    A bird

    Hello everyone,
    Unfortunately, I don't know which kind of bird this is...
    C&C welcome!

    A bird

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    Re: A bird

    I think, Irina, I would crop just a fraction tighter at the top to reduce the amount of background confusion. And a similar amount from the right side to lose that more sharply focused twig.

    Or a mixture of crop and clone on the twig.

    Otherwise it looks good to me. Possibly a tiny bit on the yellow side, if the whites should be pure white on that bird. Although this may well be a 'winter sun shot' so the colour is natural as it is here.

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    Re: A bird

    Hi the bird is an Egret btw. Overall I like this shot but I would crop a little tighter on the top, a lot of empty space there in my opinion

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