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Thread: Using my equipment more often

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    Using my equipment more often

    I guess like an number of people on this site I have a bit of a collection of cameras that I love. The problem is just getting around to using them and I wondered what strategies other people have to ensure they really get out and shoot with them. I know a good start is to have them loaded with film and I've done that. I shoot both for pleasure/fun and also to capture images to sell and because of the latter point I tend to like to have my digitals with me.
    So to the list of what I have:

    1950s Zeiss Ikon Nettar 517/16. This produces fantastic images and is a delight to use. It is also my latest purchase.

    Bronika SQAi with 50 and 80mm lens. I really like the waist level viewfinder, really gives a new perspective.

    Wooden panoramic pinhole gives 11 by 5 cm negs from 120 roll film. This is an amazing bit of kit and at f270 great fun.

    Nikon F4s. What can I say built like a tank and something I dreamed about owning almost 20 years ago.

    Nikon D70s permanently converted to shoot Infra Red. Produces amazing images especially with a 10- 20mm lens.

    Nikon D300. My main workhorse, superb throughout.

    Oh and a pinhole camera made from a coke can! Shoots directly onto paper had some really interesting images.

    When I do shoot film I only use B&W and develop my own which I really enjoy.

    So folks any ideas?



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    Re: Using my equipment more often

    When the new January Challenge starts, it may be just what you need.

    State a camera and lens in advance then post at least one photo a week taken with that combination.

    Not sure if I can find the appropriate forum link but if not, just look out for the new challenge project.

    ps. Here is the original post Januaryfest - here's a suggestion
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    Re: Using my equipment more often

    I find that traveling starts my creative juices flowing. It doesn't have to be to a distant local.

    Additionally, I am always looking for photogenic happenings. I read the newspaper and monitor the Internet. The City of San Diego, California has a great website which shows a calendar with upcoming events. I monitor this each week.

    An interesting event this week would be the Hmong New Years Celebration which takes place over this weekend.

    It should be an colorful event. However, I am booked today and tomorow, so I cannot make the event. I will place it on a calendar for next year...

    I always have several reocurring events which I would like to shoot. I would like to shoot the U.S. Marine Corps Graduation Ceremony which takes place frequently at the marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. I'd like to cover the interaction between the newly graduated "Boots" and their families and girlfriends.

    There is, of course, night shots of the Christmas decorations which I plan each year to shoot but, seem to fail to do it each year. Of course, that leaves something interesting for next year.

    I also belong to a loose network of several camera clubs which have frequent shoots. Whenever I find one that is interesting, I will join it.

    I would really like to take a trip back to China or to Istanbul, Turkey. But, not going there is not going to prevent me from taking pictures...

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