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Thread: My macro shots

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    My macro shots

    My macro shots
    Stack 4 by post2cd, on Flickr

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    Re: My macro shots

    Hello 'post2cd', welcome to the forums! You haven't asked for any specific critique, so I won't offer any, BUT, I did look at both the shots you uploaded, and had a question for you. This one is labeled 'Stack 4', and the one of the watch is labeled 'Stack 2'.

    Have you stacked 4 images to create this macro? Or is it just a gallery title that you use on Flickr?

    I'm just curious, I've been playing with stacking a little tonight myself, and it seems to me that this one is still a little soft in the top right where the threading of the screw meets the edge of the frame. Either way, nice shots. It's a lot of fun focus stacking, if you have the patience that is! I think I'm going to go to the grocery store tomorrow, and see if they have anything exciting to really practice with!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: My macro shots

    Yes, these are stacked images and the folder they are saved is named as stack. You see, using a dedicated macro lense has its disadvantage,shooting with its maximum aperture at 3.5 every thing is blurred except a small point of focus. Better to use a focusing rail.

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