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Thread: Before the wedding

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    Before the wedding

    The groom and the ring bearer finalise the details from a wedding that I was attending recently.

    Before the wedding

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    Re: Before the wedding

    I am afraid this shot doesn't really work for me.

    There is no context. Without your explanation I wouldn't have had any idea what the event was or who they were. There is nothing in the setting or their actions to show it is a wedding or that they are the ring bearer/groom.

    Their pose isn't particularly interesting. The boy is wearing the grooms hat but other than that there isn't anything compelling about the pose. Maybe is the groom was in the process of putting the hat on the boys head, or the boy was doing something a little more interesting it would have worked better.

    Finally the background is a little distracting. It may be because there is a lack of interest for me in the subjects but I keep looking at the background and wondering what it is (small hill, high hedge, mound?)

    I am sure the image will be appreciated/enjoyed by those who know the subjects and understand the context but as a stand alone image it doesn't quite work for me.

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    Re: Before the wedding

    Hi Ken,
    Your images need not mean anything to anybody but yourself.
    I think this shot is a good illustration of how difficult it is to get the correct exposure on white and black in the same scene.
    You get detail in white you lose it in black. You get detail in black you lose it in white.

    Think the captain is repramanding the sailor for not wearing his hat.

    You did not ask for C&C - did you??????

    Thanks for sharing.

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