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Thread: Cotton

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    Here is a picture that I took of a cotton field today. It was an interesting subject to photograph and process, since cotton is white. I will probably continue to experiment with it, but all C&C is welcome. Your feedback is very much appreciated .

    Thanks for viewing!

    - Jacob


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    Re: Cotton

    Hi Jacob,

    Cotton is very interesting to me as well since I picked some in my youth. Since the content and color of most of the frame is similar, and because there are no repeating patterns to follow, something is needed to start the eyes moving in a specific direction. For me, since I remember all too well how the sharpness of the bowls punished the fingers as you extracted the cotton, it would be interesting for the foreground to be larger and sharper so I could see and visualize how sharp the bowls really are. To re-create the 'back in the day' imagery I might try sepia toning. I would also be tempted to try some gradients or curves adjustments to create some shading and variations in contrast. But even as is, it certainly does bring back memories, so thank you for posting. By the way, where is the field?

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    Re: Cotton

    Hi Lon,

    Thank you for your comments. I plan on going back soon to take some more shots, so I will try your idea of focusing more on the bowls. This field was located in Shelby, North Carolina. There are a few others in that area too.

    - Jacob

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