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Thread: Difference in monitors

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    Difference in monitors

    I am working on a Macbook pro. It has the feature to automatically adjust the brightness of the monitor depending on my environment. So, I finally came to realize that images that I work on upstairs may look different to those I worked on downstairs, due to differences in lighting.

    So, I'm guessing the first thing I should do, until I buy a monitor calibration device, is to turn off the auto adjust and be sure I use the same settings while doing PP work.

    Though, not I am somewhat concerned about how the images will look on other computers. Will the color be off, or the contrast of the image be different than what I see on my computer?

    Thanks for your thoughts and advice.

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    Re: Difference in monitors

    Profiling your display will ensure that you get as good colours as possible out of it. You are working on a laptop, not with a wide-gamut monitor, so there are some hardware limitations. When I profile my screen, the first thing that my software (x-Rite I1) checks for is ambient light conditions and bases the profile on my ambient light working conditions.

    As for other people's screens - there is simply nothing you can do about how they are set up; all you can do is to get good, accurate colours out of your machine.

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