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Thread: lighting technique - jose gallegos

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    lighting technique - jose gallegos

    have just been introduced to jose gallegos work ...the lighting is wonderful.....i see a similarity with the cambridge photos i cant tell exactly what it is but would like to investigate these areas ....any direction on how this is achieved ......i can see that there is a saturation of color but have no idea from what source......any info would be great...dennis

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    Re: lighting technique - jose gallegos

    Dennis - part of it will be learning to spot and harness the right lighting conditions. Part of it will be what you do in post-processing. I'm still struggling with the lighting part (all I've figured out is how to distinguish harsh from soft lighting), especially when it comes to shadow vs. light in B&W -- so I won't be much help there. As for adding saturation and contrast, experiment with your post-processing tool of choice. Don't necessarily copy other peoples' styles and approach -- develop your own.

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