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Thread: Making it Right

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    Making it Right

    This item is about service, something hard pressed to get in this day and age, I can't believe the quality of service that I got. I sent an e-mail to Really Right Stuff about a L-plate I got for my D600, I have one for my D7000, and on the bottom of the plate are two centre marks, one to use when you have moved the bracket out when using a remote release, in portrait as opposed to landscape allowing you to quickly recentre into landscape. This does not appear on the L-plate for the D600 which makes it a real pain.
    So I sent the company a e-mail at 5:30 pm, I received a reply by 7:00 pm. It stated I was right and they talked to the engineering team and were going to add a secondary centre mark, and when I new plates were ready they would be sending me a new L-plate, asking on for me to return the orginal, they would pay the costs.
    Now that is service, when was the last time you made a suggestion to a company and they even considered it let alone acted on it.
    Really Right Stuff now has me for life, and I will be telling others to take a real close look at their stuff, they listen.



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    Re: Making it Right

    I have heard they are top quality all the way around. This helps prove that for sure. It is nice to know this still exists albiet hard to find. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Making it Right

    It is a pity that such prompt action, respect for the customer and good service is so unusual that we particularly note it. I had a similar experience when I was hunting for what I think must have been the last Canon 24-70 L in the UK (when the new version was launched). That company is now my first port of call for all new purchases.

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    Re: Making it Right

    Same here, when i bought my body from london cameras in Plymouth i thought little of it, i bought it from them because i went there to touch and feel the camera and felt guilty about wasting their time so a asked them what price they could sell it for and they got within 5 of the internet price so the deal was done.

    As i travel the world its been easy for me to buy cheap equipment, but when it went wrong........

    2 months ago my charger packed in, so i went to London cameras, i was chatting to the assistant who was arranging a return to service for me when the owner of the shop walked in, he recognized me and when he found out why i was there, told the assistant that id bought the camera from them and to take one out of a new camera box and to get nikon to send them a replacement. in short he comprised saleable stock to look after a customer.

    I no longer make large photographic purchases on the interweb and that shop has me as a customer as long as they continue to look after me, ill be there Nov 6th to buy my FX body.

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