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Thread: new oly releases

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    new oly releases

    So what i was hoping for finally happned .... sort of
    new releases for the PENs ... i was hoping for a EP5 release tho

    Im really happy about the OMD sensor in these new models ...
    can anyone help me what other positives does the new model EPL5 have when compared with the EP3 .... im guessing the EPL5 is a better bet now , with the flip touch screen etc .... now its like all the good stuff is rolled into one .... am i not right . and not as expensive as the OMD which is a plus

    I cant get a comparison chart , i guess the details are just trickling in .

    comments and thoughts anyone ?

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    Re: new oly releases

    As I am in the process of seeing exactly what Pen's can do with the idea of dropping my Canon gear as the Pen kit is much easier to carry around I could mention many aspects of the Pen that are problematic for serious varied photography. Some of them are just down to the way Olympus has organised the software. Early attempts at hacking them suggest it is a bit of a mess too. That fits in with my experience. I seem to have lost certain menu entries due to setting other option that shouldn't have any effect. That's on an E-PL1, The entries aren't there at all on the E-P3. Whoops I can get carried away on this subject because apart from sensor limitations these could be wonderful cameras. In my view olympus is a very silly company.

    One aspect I will mention in respect to the new OMD is images stabilisation while focusing. It seems that the OMD does offer that maybe even with manual lenses. Current Pens don't. The stabilisation only works when the camera is auto focusing and it seems all of the time when it's taking video - I've not personally checked that on video. The magnified view is needed to check or adjust focus and that can be nigh on impossible without IS even with the standard 14-42mm zoom at the long end. Lots get round that by using Panasonic lenses at longer focal lengths. Look into that deeply and many might decide to buy a Panasonic camera instead but on the other hand Pen's do offer image stability during a shot what ever lens is on it. Tough decision: All of those micro 4/3 adapters available wont be much use without IS when the shot is taken. Much depends on the lens but accurate focusing will need a magnified view.

    I use a viewfinder rather than the screen. The screen can be totally wiped out in sunlight - not much of it either - so in many ways articulated screens don't interest me. One very noticeable aspect of the E-P3 is that the larger screen takes up a lot of space so buttons have been reduced in size to match and the camera is bigger than it need be. Pixel count is still a lot less than the viewfinder so if there a need to really check or adjust focus more magnification is needed. The E-PL1 screen is fine for checking shots.

    To tempt me to go for any Pen 5 version over what I have several points would have to fixed. This is probably down to the fact that these cameras are supposed to be a step up from a compact. Sony have very much concentrated on that aspect. The Pen is a bit of a mix and might tempt a dslr user. On the other hand it might auto load photo's to facebook one way or the other. There is nothing wrong with that but.......................


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