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Thread: Take a seat

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    Take a seat

    Here are a couple of shots from external courtyards in a desert hotel outside Dubai.

    The hotel's called Bab Al Shams, and is more often known as Bab Al Shambles by anyone who's been there due to the slow and poor service! Still, it looks nice. It's used as a bolt hole for weekends away by Dubai residents as well as a place for tourists to visit for a few days, combined with any of the other Jumeirah Group hotels in the city (Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the Burj Al Arab and Emirates Towers being some of the more famous big brothers)

    Architecture is typical 'Moorish' style, with lots of secluded alleyways and courtyards, traditional Arabic seating and traditionally styled rooms. Whether the hotel is purposely designed to look old, with no verticals being truly vertical and rough rendering, or whether it's just plain old bad build quality is up for debate!

    Take a seat

    Take a seat

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    Re: Take a seat

    Both images are very inviting. It would have been nice to be able to pose some people, but that would have resulted in an entirely different image.

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