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Thread: This is for Pierre

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    This is for Pierre

    Many years ago, My parents made the acquaintence with a christian brother, Pierre; Pierre came from the vicinity of Brest. He taught English in the catholic school and every summer he would act as chaperone to a group of boys to the US, where they would scatter to various host families. Pierre ended up with us. My brother and I volunteered to show him the sights in Minnesota. We decided to show him the grand homes along Summit Avenue in St Paul, some dating to the mid-1800's. After nearly an hour of the tour, it was obvious that he was quite bored. Upon our query as to what was wrong, he pointed out that his own house was built in 1400.

    We asked if there was something that he would rather see, his answer............................................ ...........

    This is for Pierre


    He was happy, we were amused

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    Re: This is for Pierre

    And it is wonderful that we are able to make images that are not mere pictorial records, but that have much deeper meaning for us in that they capture and display part of our lives. Great stuff.

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