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Thread: What is a Minolta Auto Spot Mask II?

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    What is a Minolta Auto Spot Mask II? OK found the answer

    Can anyone tell me what a Minolta Auto Spot Mask II does when placed on a Minolta Auto Meter III. I have searched the web even pasted it in the Minolta site with no luck.
    Was used in the darkroom days
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    Re: What is a Minolta Auto Spot Mask II? OK found the answer

    For measuring exposures of an enlarger in a darkroom. It was pretty much a necessity if you wanted to control whites, blacks and mid-tones. You also had to be very familiar with the characteristics of the papers you were using as well as the developers. A lot of information to keep in your head or in a note-pad. I typically stuck to about 4 papers and a couple of developers but there were lots from various suppliers to choose from. Ansel Adams didn't get those prints by flipping a light on for 15 seconds over Velox.
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