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Thread: What type of shade should i put?

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    What type of shade should i put?

    Is this grey shade a right color for these girls?

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    Re: What type of shade should i put?

    Hi Daniel,

    Am I correct in assuming you took the picture?

    If so, it will help if you post the image here to get better quantity and quality of replies.

    These threads may help, post 5 in the first thread covers direct linking, which you may be able to use.
    HELP THREAD: How can I post images here?

    In terms of getting answers to questions, this one may help;
    How to Get Effective Feedback for your Posted Images

    I found your question a bit cryptic/short, but accept that English is almost certainly a second language for you, so you're doing better than I would be (I don't know a second language)

    Are you asking if the monochrome treatment is OK? and/or whether full colour, or perhaps a tinted monochrome would have been better?

    Whatever the answers to all my questions; may I welcome you to the CiC forums.

    All the best,

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