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Thread: Another Moon

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    Another Moon

    18 day old moon
    Canon 550D and a Skywatcher 90mm f10 (900mm focal length) refractor
    1/125 sec ISO 200.
    I am wondering if I have sharpened a little too much? What do you think?
    You have a thing called 'Project 52'. Do you think completing this page qualifies as a 'Project 52'
    I know you could say it is only 28 images, but it is a battle, there are plenty of enemies out there, the weather, I work of a night so that leaves only the weekends to image early on in the lunar cycle - I get home around midnight - the weather, I have written that twice, it is by far the worst enemy.

    Another Moon

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    Re: Another Moon

    Critique of sharpness even at the size of your larger image is difficult considering the relatively small size. For what it's worth, I don't think it's oversharpened at all. I really like the detail and contrast, especially that it was achieved by means other than oversharpening.

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    Re: Another Moon

    Hi Stephen,

    I agree with Mike, it doesn't look oversharpened to me either.
    I find the vast grey area (Sea of Tranquility?), being flat and featureless, gets no sharpening at all and so looks soft compared to the craters - the only way to help with this is to sharpen with as low a threshold as possible (0 if possible), but that risks sharpening noise, if you can, selectively noise reduce and downsize before applying ANY sharpening.

    Project 52 is a personal learning process, so I'd say go for it, not everyone will read it, even less will comment each week, but it may provide the motivation to progress by 'signing up' for it. That said, I have let mine slip horribly, I'm now 4 months behind schedule I always seem to find helping people here easier than progressing my P52


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