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Thread: The present I got for my sister

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    The present I got for my sister

    Hi all, i got this chest for my sisters birthday, and thought to experiment. Im not really happy about it. Next time ill be buying more black card bored and bigger so i can get the picture of the full chest better. I did some burning, not much, but a little. And it is a bit obvious that i did to. But it was a practice run, but what you think so far?

    This one is the key:

    The present I got for my sister
    key by AllenLennon, on Flickr

    This is the full chest:
    The present I got for my sister
    chest1 by AllenLennon, on Flickr

    I love the way the gold reflects on the bored. but as i said ill be getting more card bored like this, and perhaps bigger, or a roll of it if i can find it and i can roll it back up and use it again and cut off the waste when it gets worse.

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    Re: The present I got for my sister

    Allen, lovely tones there and well worth keeping at.

    I don't know if this will help but after ages using card I now use foam sheeting from craft suppliers. It is much better because it bends and gives a more seamless background which can be brought around underneath the object as well.


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