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Thread: Erratic

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    Erratic is a term referring to the boulders depositted by the glaciers that scoured this area. I felt this shot gives a sense of the overall environment of this particular parcel. Gravel and boulders made this area difficult to cultivate. There are couple of farm buildings in this parcel circa 1890 and there are records from the original inhabitants. The grasses made rich fodder for the dairy cattle that the family raised, there is recollection of trying to milk cows with cacti embedded in the tails. Now that sounds like fun!!!


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    Re: Erratic

    I think this is a very good example of where photography is used to make important historical and social records. Yes, it needs the text. But the text needs the picture. And, for what it aims to do, I think it is an excellent image.

    I could well see that being published in such as an geological or even social history academic work.

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