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Thread: Cretan Images - Doorways

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    Cretan Images - Doorways

    Hi All - There seems to be a fascination with photographing doorways, Antonio in his Moroccan series provides some examples. In Greece and in Crete, there are calenders and fine art photographs of doors (probably in UK as well but I've not looked for them). Apart from some technical aspects about producing photographs of doors (perspective, shadows, detail) I would have thought that compositional possibilities are limited. Yet doors are facinating. Why?

    Here are three from my sojourn in Chania in Crete. Which if any have been processed with tone-mapping software?

    The first shows the colour blue to have been used as a surround, normally the Greeks like the door itself to be blue.

    Cretan Images - Doorways

    The second is unusual in that there are surrounding porthole windows. Those who know there Cretan history will recognise these as from the Venetian occupation.

    Cretan Images - Doorways

    The final example is more traditional , but reflects the sad fact that many buildings are unoccupied and in ruins. Nevertheless, a disused doorstep is a fine place for a home-made flower box.

    Cretan Images - Doorways

    Comments and crits are welcome as always


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    Re: Cretan Images - Doorways


    I like the subjects but they do suffer from mid day glare. I have been having a similar problem and I am wondering how much an ND or polarising filters will help. Love the colours they reay hum.


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