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Thread: Cheetah Hunt | Busch Gardens, FL

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    Cheetah Hunt | Busch Gardens, FL

    Aside from being one of the fastest roller coasters in the world, it's a heck of a thing to see how the folks at Busch Gardens built it over the walkways. If there are any Florida natives around next time you visit the park see if you can figure out how I got this shot ( )

    Cheetah Hunt | Busch Gardens, FL

    Taken with IPhone 4s; Aperture reports the ISO is 64, however not sure that's accurate.
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    Re: Cheetah Hunt | Busch Gardens, FL

    Considering the bright sky etc and darkened objects, iso 64 should be about right.

    About roller coasters - there are some super setups around the world. The most frightening one I have seen is one that hangs over the edge of cliffs.

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