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Thread: Need help Selecting Camera, Lens, etc.

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    Need help Selecting Camera, Lens, etc.

    Am interested in starting an event photography business. Want to initially specializing in golf group pictures (at corporate events, resorts, etc.). Photos (5x7) would be printed on site and imprinted using Photoshop with event name, date, course, corporate logo, etc. and mounted on a 7x9 plaque with acrylic cover over photo. Photo plaques would be finished and available for golfers to take home with them at end of their round.

    I have done this at a couple of small events using a Nikon Coolpix 5400 and a Canon Photo Printer. Worked out ok but printer is slow.

    Want to upgrade to a better camera and printer. Any suggestions.

    What are thoughts on buying a Nikon D300 and Sony printer (dye sublimation
    printer - several models available).

    Suggestions on camera, lens and printer would be appreciated.


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    Re: Need help Selecting Camera, Lens, etc.

    Hi Magoo,

    Am I getting a feeling we've been here before?

    Need help selecting camera/lenses for event photo bus.

    Any of those answers any help?


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    Re: Need help Selecting Camera, Lens, etc.

    Interesting idea, although the more I thought about it, the more questions popped into my head.

    - From a photography point of view, I think that the world is your oyster; just about any SLR camera (new or old)will be capable of doing the job, although there may be an increased perception of the professional quality of the shots if your seen shooting with a more "professional" looking camera.

    - You haven't talked about lens selection, which I would anticipate being fairly critical for that kind of event.

    - How are you setup for post-processing and printing? Are you working from a laptop? desktop? what kind of facilities do you have?

    - Are you working to any kind of budget?

    - How sure are you of the viability of this kind of exercise?

    - With regards to printers, sorry, no idea (I run an Epson 7800). If the prints are going to be protected then once again, I imaging that there will be many makes and models that will be able to do the job.

    Hopefully others will chip in here.

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