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Thread: Baby steps back..

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    Baby steps back..

    Well it has been a long time, but I am finally taking photos again… & what better subject to resume with, than Fashionista!

    The surgery went well, the surgeon is happy, I still have a lot of difficulty in moving the arm above my head, but I am in only minimal pain, whereas before it was constant.

    There is no cure for the ‘frozen’ shoulder, it is a strange condition that goes away in time, but the surgery was to try & release some of the ‘adhesive capsule’ so I could get some relief whilst it’s doing it’s thing.

    I of course didn’t do things by half & he could only move it 5deg in external rotation even with me fast asleep!

    I also have a torn labrum in the shoulder, which funnily enough is a common injury amongst the Basketballers I so love to photograph.
    That was not repaired at this surgery, if it was I would have been in the sling for much longer which defeats the purpose of trying to get the frozen shoulder moving again. 1 of our Lady Basketball stars told me she got a frozen shoulder from being so immobile after he labral repair.
    Me not being a pro-athlete, they may not repair mine as it is often present in ‘women of a certain age’ and they don’t even realise it.
    We will assess that when the ‘freezing’ problem has gone completely.

    I haven’t tried any sports work yet, I just had a go at setting up some speedlights inside at home and the camera on the tripod on Sunday.
    Funny the things you cannot do, screwing on the quick release plate, winding the pocket wizard thingy to lock it down….. I had to holler for help with all of those.

    Georgie didn’t want to sit for me, so I had 5 minutes when she got home form work… I had it all set up ready wtg for her to finish work
    She did her usual wee smile pose…. But I did manage to grab these for something different as her pet cat kept racing around the room trying to grab the remote shutter release cable ….
    Totally wrong in terms of pose & even looking away from the carefully placed main light, but that’s ok for a first step back.
    I also have forgotten all my portrait post processing skills!.... must re-learn everything… sorry Colin!

    But at least I remembered the grey card!
    Baby steps back..

    Anyway Thanks for viewing & I hope to be back, a wee bit at a time form now on.

    Baby steps back..

    Baby steps back..

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    Re: Baby steps back..

    Quote Originally Posted by wilgk View Post
    Well it has been a long time, but I am finally taking photos again…
    Welcome back ... from your favourite Scotsman! Wonderful to see you on here again.

    So, is it now a case of slowly, slowly, in terms of the recovery pathway? Will things continue to improve?

    As you infer it's maybe a case of building things up. Diving straight in to sports action stuff again might not be the recommended route to recovery!

    Great, as well, to see Fashionista lighting up the pages of CiC again.

    Just good that you're back posting.

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    Re: Baby steps back..

    Hi Kay, good to see you back, hope you have a successful recovery. I have no expertise on portaits but they look good to me - lovely smile.


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    Re: Baby steps back..

    Hi Kay,
    Those are lovely portraits full of fun and colour.
    I must have joined since you last posted and hope that you recover ok from your shoulder problem.
    I'm in the same boat. Fell off scaffold in January and buggered up tendons in my right shoulder. Off to see the surgeon tomorrow.
    On the up side, I can still work to pay for my toys, (camera stuff).
    Good luck and look forward to seeing more of your photo's.
    Cheers, Greg

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