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Thread: Size of foto !

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    Size of foto !

    I need help. I am already manual foto scanning. Now I have problem al the foto's small size. Please help how to change from small size to normal size ?


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    Re: Size of foto !

    you would need to re-scan the image at a higher DPI, anything above 300dpi should be reasonable, assuming you are scanning a full photo and not a negative. If you are scanning a negative you will probably want to do it at about 2400dpi or higher, which will require a half decent scanner. Alternatively you can get dedicated negative scanners, or just take the lot down to your local photo processing shop, most of them will offer a service to turn photos/negatives to digital coppies if you are unsure about doing it yourself.

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    Re: Size of foto !

    We really need more details of your equipment and software. Also the starting size of your image and the required finished size.

    But basically, you probably just need to scan at a higher resolution, like the previous answer advised. But working out the best settings requires a tiny bit of maths, or trial and error.

    What do you want to do with the scanned image? If printing from it, you really need a final resolution between 200 and 300 pixels per inch, depending on paper and equipment.

    So you just need to scan at say 600 ppi then use your editing software image resizing menu to alter the size to what you require. Then, obviously, reducing the image resolution will enable an increase in image size without any loss of quality. But as output size is linked to input scanning resolution, calculating the best settings is the difficult part. Well not really difficult, more a case of slight thought.

    Very small starting images require much more initial scanning resolution, as the previous answer. So if you can supply the input and required output sizes, plus the intended use for the image, somebody will be able to recommend exact settings.

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    Re: Size of foto !

    I'd suggest dividing the final desired print size by the size of your original, and multiply this by 180 and use that as the preferred scanning resolution.

    eg if you want to print an image 8" x 8" big - and the original is 2" x 2" then (8 / 2 = 4; 4 x 180 = 720 = scan at 720dpi).

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