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Thread: Waterwheel (edited) 5-22-12

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    Waterwheel (edited) 5-22-12

    Based on some C&C I received, I edited this photo. Need another C&C. Thanks, Bruce
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    Re: Waterwheel (edited) 5-22-12


    One of the problems is size. Even if the thumbnail is clicked on, it is only posted at 500+ pixels on the longest side. Not really large enough to view it properly. It would be much better if it was posted at something like 1200pixels. I do think people are more inclined to comment if the image is presented in a way that makes it easier to do so.
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    Re: Waterwheel (edited) 5-22-12

    Hi Bruce,

    I agree your iamges would be better bigger.

    If you do post this image bigger, I'd suggest 950-1000px maximum height, but on (other) Landscape orientation images, width can go upto 1200, or even 1600, px and still fit most common screens.

    However, this will require you to host the image elsewhere as 700px (on longest edge) is all you can host here as an attachment.

    You may find this thread helpful to explore other image hosting options;
    HELP THREAD: How can I post images here?

    Using an alternative hosting option would also remove the problems you have in putting the image inline directly (and save me a job).

    On this edit, I prefer this crop, but the bright pink/red blooms visible above and through the waterwheel compete for "subject" status with the wheel itself.

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