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Thread: camera structure layout and controls

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    camera structure layout and controls

    have an assingment to hand in tonight at college and i have been asked to
    1. describe camera structure layout and controls in terms of camera usage
    2. describe appropriate camera settings for range of subjects
    3. describe how to select and frame teh image or set teh scene prior to using camera

    can anyone help me quickly answer these thankyou

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    Re: camera structure layout and controls

    Thank you for your honesty, we don't always get that

    However, it still doesn't mean I want to write you an answer you can copy and paste

    I would have thought you could answer 1 and 2 by referring to almost any camera instruction manual.
    Not being aware of the type of camera you think your course is aimed at (P&S - Point & Shoot, DSLR or even video), I hesitate to suggest a model, many manuals are available online to read if you don't have access to one today. You could always google "camera ergonomics" and see what comes back in a more general discussion.

    Q3 is a bit more tricky, I'd suggest you need to be aware of the rules of composition and you can suggest people walk around peering through their hands shaped like a rectangle, or through cardboard frames. Also the photographer would need to consider the correct choice of focal length. Add to that how the choice of subject shooting distance and aperture affects Depth of Field and how shutter speed, in relation to any movement within the image, might blur or freeze things.

    If any of those terms is unfamiliar, have a read of the tutorials on this site, they're not too long and I expect you'll find one appropriately titled from this list.

    Have a look at some of our images winning images and think about how they were shot.

    Good luck,
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    Re: camera structure layout and controls

    Whatever answer you provide the instructor, they are going to quiz you further so become familiar with the terminology as you construct your answer. If you come off as too knowledgeable you stand the chance of becoming the go to person for future in class responses.

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    Re: camera structure layout and controls

    I would assume that it is too late to begin prepping for an assignment due "tonight". It seems like quite a project to give you such little time to work on...

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