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Thread: Making a thumbnail larger

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    Making a thumbnail larger

    I can make my thumbnail larger by left clicking on it; however when I right click to select copy shortcut it is greyed out. I have IE. Any suggestions. Bruce

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    Re: Making a thumbnail larger

    Mmmm! I haven't seen that one. I hope someone who understands these things better than me, comes in with the solution.

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    Re: Making a thumbnail larger

    Hmmm, I'm not a regular IE user for CiC (because Firefox has so many useful Add-ons).

    Anyway, I fired up my IE, logged in and discover that you seem to be correct, which is a surprise to me because I checked it when I updated the instructions not that long ago.

    It only happens when you left click the small thumbnail image, which takes you to a blank page with just the bigger image on, which as you say, has Copy Shortcut greyed out.
    However, on the Bandit post, where Donald put in the bigger picture for you, if you right click on the big image there, it is OK! (but obviously not much help initially!)

    Must be something new with IE9, or even a recent update to it

    I'll bring this to the attention of Sean, the site owner, in case he knows anything.

    Apologies for the inconvenience Bruce (even though it may not be our fault), the quick fix is probably to use another browser.


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    Re: Making a thumbnail larger


    If you're talking about clicking on the thumbnail in Windows Explorer, that only has a connection to the (usually) larger image of whatever type (could be anything from .GIF to .TIFF and anything in between -- in terms of resolution). In my experience, which is pretty limited since IE is the first thing I get rid of on a new PC that will be "mine", clicking on a thumbnail only reliably works to get a larger resolution image if there's a standard <img> link to the other image's properly named file. If you're looking at an index of a particular directory/folder, that does have a link to the other file, but what you usually see in an index, unless a programmer has massaged things, will be like any other file, an icon indicating the file type followed by a text link to the file.

    IJS ....


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