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Thread: macro with nikon compact

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    macro with nikon compact

    I tried to shoot a macro of a flower.I welcome suggestions by expert for improving macro shots.macro with nikon compact

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    Re: macro with nikon compact

    Nice work. My one suggestion is to get closer... try to fill the frame with your subject. Start at your minimum focusing distance, and then move back from your subject until you have a pleasing composition. I feel you'll get better macro results doing that than you would starting further back and moving in towards your subject.

    Keep 'em coming!

    - Bill

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    Re: macro with nikon compact

    Not an expert but I agree with Bill. Looks great, but get closer. I want to see detail. If the lens can't do it, the picture looks sharp enough, try cropping?

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    Re: macro with nikon compact

    Ideally, that seed head on the right would have been snipped off before shooting.

    For me, it is too prominent for something which is out of focus.

    But these little things are so easy to overlook at the time of shooting when there are so man other things to consider.

    How about trying a crop of the right side, creating a different size ratio.

    The main flower looks fine.

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    Re: macro with nikon compact

    Hi pina',

    I have tried shooting wide angle macro like this with a compact and would recommend the advice given by all the others.

    A few more ideas to try;
    It looks to be slightly over exposed on the red channel, so a half a stop -EC (negative exposure compensation) if you can.
    I find the angle of the background slightly lop-sided and it is rather busy and some a bit too sharp, you may be able to get away with a wider aperture (if possible)

    I tend to approach these type of shots;
    With the background straight and considered as fully part of the overall copmosition (assuming I'm not going to crop it off).
    This may entail manipulating the blooms to get the subject at a good angle and exclude any 'too close' neighbours.
    Use the RGB histogram to make sure none of the colour channels are clipping.
    Shoot at f/2 and 24mm (my maximums)
    Shoot a fly or a flower, not both when it isn't obvious which is the subject.

    Don't lose heart though, I am still learning these things the hard way too
    This shot is better than many first attempts (including mine).


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