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    Hello all,

    The following is something a little different. The photo is of a piece of art work in Bluff, NZ. It is located on the shore line of the small town and the idea behind it is that there is a matching sculpture on Stewart Island (approx 10km away) and these "chains" link the South Island to Stewart Island. The sculpture is quite large, in fact you can walk under the far away chain link.

    The origional photo was very poor, I didn't pick my day very well and there for I was not expecting any wonderful things. Instead I decided to have a bit of fun with it in Photo shop. I thought about taking the marks off it, but I like it in a way. It was an interesting result, I might even keep it


    Canon 20d, ISO 400 1/250 with no cropping.

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    Re: Chain


    Nice to have you with the community! I like the picture a lot, and if I were you I would keep it too! The composition is nice, some of the colors seem a little off to me though. There's a bright spot emerging from the corner at the top, and the marks on the chain are really cool, but they seem too green to me. Just out of curiosity, can you post the original picture? I'd just like to see how it compares to this one, because if you say you took it on a crappy day then i'd have to say you took some very good steps in making the picture look better. Good job!

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