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Thread: Architecture..

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    back again with a new photo from Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque..


    Wish you like it..
    Please give your opinion..

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    Re: Architecture..


    I like the design of the image and the fact that you have achieved good symmetry.

    I think the main point of interest in the image is in the top half of the picture - in the patterns/carvings. This means, I think, given the angle at which you shot it, that the whole picture needed to be in focus. But, unfortunately, it is not. That would be achieved by working with a wide depth-of-field.

    You have used an aperture of f3.5. This has resulted in a relatively narrow depth-of-field. It is my opinion that in a picture like this in a picture you needed a much greater depth-of-field. If you had shot this at f16 or f22 you would have had the the whole picture in focus.

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