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Thread: Portfolio services

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    Portfolio services

    Hi, guys.

    Could you help me with some researching...

    Subj: online services for creating portfolio. E.g., etc.

    Do you use some of it and what profit for you? And free or pay account?

    I make 1-2 wedding photosession at week and now use only FB or offline portfolio. Can you advice for me good service for creating online portfolio.

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Portfolio services

    Hello Pavel.

    Will any non-resizing JPEG photography hosting serve your purpose?.

    I know of but haven't used SmugMug and Flickr paid service. SmugMug allows PNG images which is fine. I wouldn't pay for a service which forces me to corrupt my images with a lossy format like JPEG.

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    Re: Portfolio services

    Hello, Mario.

    It's needed to simply and userfriendly demonstration my photographies for potencial clients.
    Of course, damaged and resize of origianl photos not good practice. But Flickr and other services doesn't have simply interface, needed for portfolio.

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