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Thread: Thanks Colin!

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    Thanks Colin!

    I checked out Kelby Training and they have so many free 24 hour trials they give out every day. Well I signed up for one yesterday as I had all day and most of the night to view videos. WOW is all I can say about it, plus I did learn quiet a deal from it all still on brain overload. These video's don't just tell you about it they show you. When I get some more time I will sign up for the month deal. Your right about getting much more in a short time. But somethimes I still like the book as I can refer back to it if need be, and with me that's a need

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    Re: Thanks Colin!

    No worries Carl - keep in mind that you can always revisit the videos later if you need to as well. I just have them pop $25 a month from my credit card - always good value

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