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Thread: Sunlit Leaves

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    Sunlit Leaves

    Hi Follks,
    Your thoughts and c&c would be most appreciated.

    Sunlit Leaves

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    Re: Sunlit Leaves

    Ohhh,,,beautiful light

    Not entirely sure about the crop but really lovely touch.

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    Re: Sunlit Leaves

    Hi Pat,

    I can see the attraction of the lit leaves, but this is a really challenging subject; we have the almost central dividing line formed by the lit edge of the branch.
    Plus the bit on the right which is largely unlit, but has an 'echo' of the lit leaves, which is nice.
    Then there is the bit on the far left, which is finely detailed and lit both sides of the branch and pulls the eye away from the subject.
    Then there is another knobbly and 'hairy' bit at the top edge of frame on that central branch.

    I know I wouldn't have done any better, it is why I rarely (if ever) tackle this kind of shot because it is so difficult to see the wood for the trees

    Not sure if that is helpful in anyway

    I think getting much closer would have helped; make just the leaves the subject.

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