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Thread: Sunrise in Bangalore

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    Sunrise in Bangalore

    Hi I have tried to capture the sun rays seeping through the leaves and branches but still retaining the rest like the branches n the flowers. Of course I was not armed with my CANON EOS 550D when I went walking in the park today morning. I have captured this snap with my mobile 5MP camera. I would welcome inputs on how more creatively this could have been shot. Thanks

    Sunrise in Bangalore
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    Re: Sunrise in Bangalore

    You will see that I have placed your image into the message. You had only given the URL link to the webpage that the image is at. So that members can see your images in the future, then please do read through the 'How do I post images ...' thread that can be accessed via the 'HELP/Rules' tab on the menu bar above. If you then still have problems please do let us know.

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