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Thread: Holly In Topaz Adjust V3.2

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    Holly In Topaz Adjust V3.2

    Holly is an 18-month old Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever / Standard Poodle cross) and she is a darling and smart girl. She is sweet like a Golden Retriever but, playful as a Poodle. Holly doesn't shed - that comes from her Poodle genes.

    Here are two shots of Holly. One natural and one post-processed using the psychedelic filter of Topaz Adjust V3.2 which will provide all kinds of fun results depending on the original image.

    Holly is often mistaken for a large Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier but, her Poodle legs are too long for a Wheaton.
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    Re: Holly In Topaz Adjust V3.2

    Hi Richard,

    I have left these as attachments because it is quite useful to be able to flick quickly between them and compare.

    In general I like the effect on Holly, but not the what it does to the background, have you considered putting the two into one image (on different layers) and "brushing in" Holly? - So you end up with a natural background and Topaz'd Holly?

    Just an idea, it might look wierd though.

    Interesting to see what's possible - who'd have thought all that detail was there?
    Does Topaz work from RAW or jpg? (and which did you use here?)

    Thanks for sharing,

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