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Thread: Remote Switch long exposure Q

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    Remote Switch long exposure Q

    Hey guys!

    I'm looking into the Canon RS60E3 for my EOS 1100D for long-time exposures. It's a little difficult to find information on the Remote.
    So I'm gonna guess most remotes are the same.

    So do these remotes have like two buttons: a lock and release. So you don't have to hold it down for minutes...


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    Re: Remote Switch long exposure Q

    There is a pretty good description here

    I use an RC-6 wireless remote but I dont think it's compatible with the 1100D. The one you are looking at is a wired model and basically simulates the shutter releae button on the camera. It should work fine.


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    Re: Remote Switch long exposure Q

    That website had the answer down pretty well. Thanks a bunch. I'll be buying that soon.

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    Re: Remote Switch long exposure Q

    An alternative (if you want to spend a little more for some more features) is a remote switch with an intervalometer. Canon of course makes their own, but I have one of these Satechi Timer Remotes for my 7D and it is well worth it.

    Just tossing this out there so you can make a more informed decision.

    - Bill

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    Re: Remote Switch long exposure Q

    I bought a cheap Chinese version off of the Bay for under 40 bucks including shipping to Europe.
    It actually is an intervalometer bundled with a simple remote.
    I can look up the offer for you if you're interested.

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