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Thread: Reflections

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    This picture was taken the day after a storm. I was happy with the reflections in the water and overall satisfied with the result. Would appreciate some c&c from you guys.

    Cheers Colin

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    Re: Reflections

    • Have you thought about presenting it as B & W image? I see this as an image that is very much about line and shape. I see the colour in it as a distraction.
    • There is quite a bit of space just filled by water and sky to the left of the left-most post as we look at it. There's already quite a bit of water and sky in the rest of the frame. So, do we need that extra amount at the left hand side? In other words, what would the effect be of cropping a good bit of that?
    • In terms of composition, I think the biggest challenge is that triangle of sand. I think it might have been a better option to have got more 'head-on' to the scene so that the sand then became a 'layer' in the foreground. I appreciate that this would have put the rock outcrop more in front of the posts and you would have lost some of the reflection. But I just feel that bit of sand, as we see it, is just there because it got in the way, rather than being an integral part of the image. And I think we have to build the content of our images; i.e. compose them, so that everything in them has a role and a purpose.

    It may well, have been that, if you apply this thinking, you wouldn't have been able to get a shot here. I think it's one of the things we've got to train ourselves to do. We might see something and think there's an image to be made. And we convince ourselves to go for it when, in fact, we would be better walking away. And all of us have been there - determined that we're going to make an image out of what we're looking at when what, in reality, we needed was someone to tap us on the shoulder and say. 'Leave it, it ain't going to work'.

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