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Thread: Trilobite

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    Never seem to have the time for photography at the moment so this is the first proper shot I've taken this month....though technically its several shots stacked together....but you get the idea.

    We had a day out to Whitby, yes the one in Bram Stoker's Dracula, a few weeks ago and we had given my eldest some pocket money. Oddly for a nine year old he didn't want toys or sweets he wanted a Trilobite fossil.

    Just bought David Attenborough's First Life on DVD (the Blue-ray is madly expensive....throws a strop) and watched it last night which gave me an idea.
    Out came the fossil, the Nikon with the 60mm Micro on, tripod..etc for a nice little macro project while the bairns were having breakfast.

    Even stopped down the depth of field was tiny so I opened up to f8 (gave me some leeway while still keeping diffraction at bay) and fired off a set of images 'walking' the focus down the length of the fossil.
    Needed fourteen shots in the end which got loaded into CS5 as an auto aligned stack that were then merged down with the software keeping only the sharp bits from each. Bit of a fiddle in some areas as CS5 isn't the best for this type of macro work but the end result looks ok.
    The colour version was basically mono so a run through Silver Efex seemed the best way to get a final image.


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    Re: Trilobite

    A really great focus-stacking image, Robin. You can see all the detail! Nice!

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