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Thread: Advice Needed on Soft Splashes

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    Advice Needed on Soft Splashes

    I need some advise please. After many, many shots I am still getting 'soft' images when I photograph splashes. I am uncertain whether it is the lens (Canon EF 28-200mm f3.5-5.6 USM), the medium (milk) or the camera settings f7.1, ISO100, 1/200 sec. I have used unsharp mask to taste but the images lack the punch and sharpness I have seen elsewhere.

    Advice Needed on Soft Splashes

    Advice Needed on Soft Splashes

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    Re: Advice Needed on Soft Splashes

    What kind of usm radius did you use? My guess ( a complete uneducated one admittedly) is because it is smooth subject with little variation then to really get it to stand out you will need to use a very wide radius usm because there isn't that much difference between close neighbouring pixels to make a sharp step (hence capture sharpness probably useless here due to no fine detail). Hope it helps but it's a bit of a stab in the dark I'm afraid

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    Re: Advice Needed on Soft Splashes

    Hi Steve,

    Yes what Davey suggests is fair game, effectively it's Local Contrast Enhancement, which I would do in addition to your USM to taste.

    Additionally. might I suggest a narrower aperture for a bit more DoF?
    At that range, f7.1 isn't huge, try f11 or f16?

    Are these flash lit (in which case you're presummably limited by flash output, or flash to subject distance)?

    Also not sure how you are focussing, could that be off?
    (I could not see any obvious evidence though)

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    Re: Advice Needed on Soft Splashes

    Firstly. apologies I should have read the tutorial more closely before posting. You are both correct. I did use minimum radius and having played around with usm a bit I am getting more satisfactory results.

    Dave as usual you have the ability to draw attention to the things my lack experience omits from the point of shooting.

    DoF was too shallow. this was taken at full stretch (200mm) with a f/7.1 aperture.

    I did use flash, slightly off camera using a bracket. I realise now I should have hand held. Also I suspect I should have upped the flash power a stop for this situation.

    The focus could be slightly off since I used auto focus at centre of shot then locked focus on the lens whilst I dripped and remotely released the shutter.

    Next time I have a far better idea for set up. Thanks chaps.

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