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Thread: Histogram

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    I have a Nikon 3000 and trying to understand how to adjust histograms on camera. Or does it have to be fixed on computer? Also, on this camera, can histogram be set prior to pics or just after the fact? Nothing in the manual on how to work the camera for this.

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    Re: Histogram

    Hi Debbie,

    The histogram is just a display of the image's exposure information.

    So to change it, you have to change the camera's exposure settings before you take the picture.

    If you go here Nikonusa, you can download a copy of the electronic manual, probably more comprehensive than what came printed with the camera.

    Page 92 and 93 show how it works, particularly the panel on p93.

    PP (Post Processing) software will also have a histogram, if you shoot RAW, you can change the exposure within a limited range in PP, but it is better to get it right at time of shooting.


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    Re: Histogram

    Might also want to look at the histogram tutorials here on CiC, as well as the "Levels" and "Curves" ones. Levels/Curves are ways to manipulate the histogram in post-processing, but you can't really wholesale redraw the histogram to be anything you want--as Dave says, it's simply a chart of the image's exposure data. Each histogram, like each image, is individual and different. There's no single "ideal" histogram you're aiming for.

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