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Thread: Stacking Filters

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    Stacking Filters

    What precautions must one take when stacking filters? As an example, a circ-polar and a grad ND. This using a Cokin style mount.

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    Re: Stacking Filters

    I guess by precautions you are referring to any degradation of the image: in which case my answers are:

    . Use the minimum number of filters possible.

    . Problems are usually more noticeable with WA lenses (esp. vignetting) so the thinner the stack the better or use an over-sized mount i.e. use a mount and filters for a medium format camera on an APS-C or 135 Format Camera .

    . If you are using a Grad ND, you will likely be in situation where Lens Flare and / or Veiling Flare is likely - a large black umbrella or couple of pieces of Black Cardboard to shade the lens might be your friend but a shade cloth set with tent spikes is best, leaving your hands free or take an assistant.

    . Implied it would likely be a landscape shot or similar - use a tripod and cable release so both hands are free to play as described above.

    . Look critically through the viewfinder even then there will be times things are missed so if you are shooting digital have a detailed look after and take another if not sure - maybe use a viewfinder magnifier.

    . Cleanliness and correct and straight insertion of the filters are a given.

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    Re: Stacking Filters

    I have always used a polarizer, warm- up and grey at least 2 filters on virtually EVERY shot I've ever taken...image quality was never really an issue because I used a medium format camera.....but if I decide to shoot in RAW, do I not really need the warm up and the grey grad?...I have posted a new thread, Photoshop and RAW if anyone can offer any help understanding this.....MANY THANKS.................

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