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    me&jessie inthesmokyscropped.jpg just a test to see if i can post a photo..

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    Re: testing

    ok, i think it worked...this is me and Jessie, my QH mare, on a ride in the Smokey Mountains.


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    Re: testing

    You did get it Virg, but why post it so small?


    If you need to do so, please do read through the 'How do I post images ...' thread that can be accessed via the 'HELP/Rules' tab on the menu bar above. I think you got it up to the final step but didn't complete the process.

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    Re: testing

    Hi Virg,

    I also noticed you posted an 11th image into a MiniComp which was closed; "Voting Underway", instead of one which is open "Accepting Entries".

    By all means try that again.

    Welcome to the CiC forums from ....

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    Re: testing

    For me, Virg, I would definitely clone over that shadow area in the bottom right corner.

    And your face seems a little 'soft' although that might just be caused by downsizing and uploading. If not, I would try a little extra selective sharpness; applied to just the face area.

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