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Thread: Amazing shot

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    Amazing shot

    Amazing capture.

    Right place, right time eh?

    From Yahoo

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    Re: Amazing shot

    "In this amazing moment, a lizard springs into action to grab his cohort by the arm and save him from falling off their perch"


    In all the nature shows I've seen the lizards are territorial and knock each other off the branches. Me thinks there's more going on than meets the eye. I mean come you really think the lizard slipped and fell off the branch??

    It's an interesting reminder of the ability of photography to twist the facts. The documentary The Genus of Photography mentions that Walker Evans hated the notion of "documentary" photography...this idea that what you see must be the truth, when the impressions can really be nothing more than what the photographer wants you to think. This notion was at the heart of a controversial 9/11 photograph. Here's the story...

    Personally, I think it's photography at its most dishonest. Michael Moore does the same with video, misrepresenting seemingly factual footage to create the impression he wants you to have...regardless of the truth.

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    Re: Amazing shot

    Not sure about this shot and how I should interpret it, but the moment is captured just right. Not sure whether I agree with the above comment (what is your name by the way?), as I saw a documentary yesterday in which two Madagascar chameleons held on to each other pretty tight. Well, the male held on to the female by attaching himself lightly to her back, to ride along.

    It could be the same situation here, if propagation instincts have taken over and made one of the lizards grab the other.

    To be fair though, I can't really see whether we are seeing a male and female here or two of the same gender. Expert advice is needed.

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