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Thread: Bridge post in Amsterdam

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    Bridge post in Amsterdam

    Hi all,
    Just posting a photograph of post on a bridge in Amsterdam...
    Shot in RAW, hand-held, with Canon S95, mildly overcast sky. Straightening, cropping (about 80% of original), sharpening in Lightroom.
    C&C please...

    Bridge post in Amsterdam
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    Re: Bridge post in Amsterdam

    Under those conditions, Gurvinder, you had a problem whatever you did. Just 'one of those days'.

    I'm not sure if it is totally straight now. Part of the scene, the verticals, suggest that a little bit of counter clockwise rotation is required. But that crosspiece which supports the lanterns looks like it needs to go the other way.

    The whole scene looks as though it could do with a little more brightness but that could over expose the sky. However, I think that is the only way to go. Brighten the midtones in the foreground a little and take a chance with the sky.

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