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Thread: Critique me

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    Critique me

    Critique me

    Canon EOS 50D
    Exposure 0.006 sec (1/160)
    Aperture f/3.5
    Focal Length 85 mm
    ISO Speed 1250

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    Re: Critique me

    In all honesty, I'm totally biased against pet pictures. I see them way too often, and I think it's really hard to get a *good* one with a good spin on it. However, I do like this photo.

    Having the face half cut off by the frame is something I usually associate with a serious atmosphere. Doing it with a dog and a white background adds a sense of comedy. That's my personal take on it, and it certainly works for me.

    The big criticism I have is the loss of detail around the edges of the dog's head, and the unsharpness at the ear.

    Again, this is just me, and I'm hardly a professional.

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