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Thread: Flowers 2

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    Flowers 2

    Another try:

    Flowers 2

    Flowers 2

    Flowers 2

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    Re: Flowers 2

    Hi Brigitte,

    I much prefer #2 to #1 because #2;
    a) doesn't clip the petal edge at the top of frame
    b) there isn't a distracting white flower in the background top right
    c) most of the background is more de-focussed
    d) I think the exposure is slightly better

    To further improve #2 in PP, I might;
    1) "burn" (i.e. darkened selectively) a couple of brightly reflective leaves in the background on left
    2) used the blur brush along the bottom edge to de-focus the leaves there

    That said, both 1) and 2) are optional, it's a good capture as it stands.

    #3 is less appealing to me; I am not sure what the subject is; the rock or the irises/dafodils (or whatever they are)
    It also has a few distractions creeping into frame that could easily be lost with some gentle cropping.
    I'd suggest; lose the white background bloom at the top and take a similar amount (say 10%) off the bottom edge too. However, I'm still not sure there's a picture here yet, to achieve that, I think you need to also take some 12% off the left hand side. I've not explained that very well, see what you think of this crop.

    Flowers 2


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